Why .NET?

Why I chose .NET & C#

I have chosen .NET because it was my first exposure to software engineering during school. Below I have listed additional reasons for not switching to a different technology stack.


.NET is supported by Microsoft, which is a technology-centric company. Microsoft was built around development and doesn't show any signs of weakening in the foreseeable future. The company has strong resources that it uses in its ecosystem for continuous innovation and improvement. 

Scalability & Compatibility

Scalability and compatibility are both aspects that caused me to not switch to another technology stack. Microsoft provides a broad ecosystem, and you can build many things with .NET, such as web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, and windows apps. C# is utilized as the primary language across these various platforms. A common misconception I've heard in the past is that .NET is not cross-platform. It is open-source and cross-platform, which means that you can build and run applications on Windows, macOS, and Linux. For instance, this blog was built with a PostgreSQL database and pushed to Heroku using containers. 

We see great innovation from Microsoft through their annual updates, the updates in .NET 5, .NET 6, and soon-to-be .NET 7 have been remarkable. There have been updates in the languages and in the things that can be built. We also have new capabilities with updates like .NET MAUI, which was previously known as Xamarin. .NET MAUI allows you to build native, cross-platform mobile and desktop apps from a single codebase with C# and XAML. Considering that .NET encompasses multiple fields and with C# being the primary language, skills become more transferable.


Regardless of what type of application is being built, the tools that are used to build the application play a significant role. Microsoft provides excellent tooling, and I find Visual Studio to be the best integrated development environment for web development. Visual Studio has numerous built-in features to increase efficiency and to enhance the software development process. Some of these tools and features include NuGet packages, Live Share, IntelliSense, graphical design features, scaffolding features, version control features, security features, identity features, and much more. Visual Studio allows for increased efficiency because of the many out-of-the-box features it includes.


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